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The Eight Minute Pregame

Arriving to the three-umpire system at various upper levels is the culmination of hard work, preparation and demonstration of the knowledge and skills necessary to

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Since 1977, the primary purpose of the ocsoa has been to provide an educational and instructional program that will make it possible to officiate california interscholastic federation (cif) softball games with efficiency & competency.

With a mutual exchange of ideas, including constructive criticisms of rules, game situations and softball mechanics, our nearly 150 members can take the field with confidence and help promote the advancement of softball by encouraging the spirit of sportsmanship among schools, coaches, players, spectators and each other.


  • Complete knowledge of CIF rules, intent of these rules, and access to the latest rule interpretations
  • Comprehensive NFHS softball mechanics knowledge and its execution on the field
  • Game management skills to handle difficult situations and promote the integrity of the game
  • Professionalism in all actions on and off the field
  • Adherence to the proper protocols for high school umpires