2019 USA Softball Mark


To:                   Softball Administrators

From:               Sandy Searcy, Director of Sports

Subject:            USA Softball Mark

Date:                April 15, 2019

The 2019 NFHS Softball Rules Book states that the bat must bear the 2000 or 2004 ASA certification mark and NOT be listed on the USA Softball non-approved bat list with ASA certification marks. 

USA Softball has recently approved new certification marks to take effect with the 2020 model year bats and balls which are currently in design with some already being transitioned into production. These certification marks, which are visible on all bats and balls on USA Softball’s Certified Equipment, have been approved to be implemented immediately for USA Softball competition. 

Since NFHS has its own ball specification and required logo there will be no change to the requirements for softballs used in NFHS competition, see Rule 1-3.   NFHS has approved the immediate use of the new USA Softball Certification Mark for all games, shown below.

Current ASA Certification Marks

New USA Softball Certification Mark

To be clear, in order for a bat to be approved for use in NFHS competition it must bear one of the three certification marks shown above and not be on the USA Softball non-approved bat list with certification marks.  NFHS Rule 1-5-1d is listed below for your convenience.

Rule 1-5-1d

The bat shall:

d.  Must bear either the 2000 or 2004 certification mark (Figure 1-6) and not be listed on the USA Softball non-approved bat list with ASA certification marks as found on www.usasoftball.com. Bat barrels made entirely of wood are permitted and need not bear an ASA mark, but shall not exceed 2¼ inches in diameter.

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